Thursday, October 18, 2007

Asher is ready to travel home

Dad and Asher up in the mountains in Almaty

Asher waiting in the Dr.'s office.....

Asher's first camel ride...There are painted camels all over the city.....

It has been a few good days in Almaty and all the paper work is done so Asher can travel home with us. Yesterday we went to medical clinic so they could validate his health for the U.S. Embassy. He was a very good boy for the doctor and nurses; he didn’t even cry when they drew blood. Today we went to the U.S. Embassy to get his immigration documents and an entrance visa to the U.S. Once through immigrations in the U.S. he will officially be an American. So we are all set to travel home and Asher can not wait to see his sisters and brother. Actually we are all looking forward to be back home as one big happy family.

Jen and I are just amazed at how content he is with us; it’s like he has always known us. He is also really showing a true two year old nature. He is hearing “no” from us more than we would like, but some things he just can’t do… like digging through the garbage, touching the hot stove, or playing in the toilet. He has been sleeping pretty good and only got up at 4:40am once. He east almost anything we feed him without complaining, which is more than we can say about our other three darlings. The only issue we are having is how much energy a 2 year old has…. He is wearing us out since we are not spring chickens anymore.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Gorky Park, one of Almatys Cathedrals then out for our last Kaz meal then home to pack. Flight leaves at 3 AM Saturday. We are SO looking forward to getting home. Well… I better sign off… busy day tomorrow…we are pooped!!!!

Blessing from Kaz

J & J


Unknown said...

Hey guys!

I can't believe the whole thing is almost over and you will be home soon with your new son. I am glad to hear he is so content, God has blessed you with another beautiful child.

We will pray for safe travel and for you to enjoy your last day there.

Love ya, Toni

JessG said...

Have a safe flight home! See you soon....!

Catherine said...

May all go smoothly and quickly so you can reunite with your children as one happy family! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

Unknown said...

All of that AND Ohio State is #1...can it get any better?? God is truly blessing your family! Love you guys, Kristy

Unknown said...

How about some pictures of one big happy family! It was so nice to see you all over the weekend.

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